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World Mission Sunday: “I am a Mission on this Earth”

Fr. Ned Marchessault, C.S.Sp., gives the sign of the cross at a Baptism in Olbalbal, Tanzania.

The Spiritan tradition is rooted in mission. With missions in more than 60 countries around the world, nearly 3,000 priests, brothers, and Lay Spiritans work tirelessly to share God’s love and build community in parts of the world that are often neglected. Today’s mission goes way beyond pastoral services to deliver basic human needs, along with a ministry of presence and hope.

That’s why World Mission Sunday, a global celebration for missionaries of the world, is particularly special to us. Celebrated this year on October 21, it’s an opportunity for people everywhere to come together in prayer and support for the critical needs of the world.

We are reminded by the words of our chief missionary, Pope Francis, that “Every man and woman is a mission; that is the reason for our life on this earth.” Let us be united and find inspiration in this annual celebration to keep missionaries and those they serve close to our hearts, and joyfully seek out and accept God’s plans for mission in our own lives.