Spiritan Center


The Spiritan Center, south of the city of Pittsburgh in Bethel Park, is a ministry of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. The Center has accommodations for retreats, days of renewal, and programs in faith formation as well as other events. Forty acres in a pastoral setting invite the guests to come away and rest awhile.

The Center is open to men, women, young adults, students, families, groups, organizations, priests and religious, to come for the day or stay overnight.

Bethel Park Chapel with crowd.Groups and individuals are provided with meeting rooms, chapel, dining facilities, well-balanced and nutritious meals, and private overnight accommodations for up to 50 guests in a smoke-free environment.

Bathroom facilities are shared. Rooms with private baths are available for those with health needs. Combine quiet time with our spacious outdoor environment for the entire family. The Center is in close proximity to South Park, as well as a paved walking trail. Summer months are frequently available for family reunion retreats.

Formation, Retreat, Renewal

For further information on retreats, or to schedule a retreat, contact

Jeaneen Boyle, Director of the Spiritan Center
6230 Brush Run Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Phone: 412-835-3510 ext. 112
Email: thespiritancenter@gmail.com

A calendar of scheduled retreats and events taking place at the Spiritan Center is posted below. (Private, scheduled retreats are not listed.) For additional information regarding retreats or other events, please contact Jeaneen Boyle at 412-835-3510 ext. 112, or email thespiritancenter@gmail.com. Changes and updates are posted regularly.


June 2015:

6/5-7             Private Retreat

6/15               Private Retreat

6/24-27        Deacon Retreat

6/28              Duquesne University Laymen Meeting

July 2015:

7/2-5               Guests/Fr. Lou Perreault, C.S.Sp

7/9                   Scripture Class

7/16                 Scripture Class

7/23                 Scripture Class

7/25-26           Icon Retreat – Fr. Lou Perreault, C.S.Sp. –
email: fusinfulou@aol.com

7/30                Scripture Class

August 2015:

8/15-16          Bernice & Teo Demitru

8/18-20           Provincial Council Meeting

8/22-23         50th Anniversary Celebration (Private)

8/30               Day Retreat – Judah Ministry, McKeesport

September 2015:

9/4-5              Spiritan Campus Ministry – Duquesne University

9/11-12            Prayer and Deliverance

9/13                 St. Benedict the Abbot

9/14-20           Icon Retreat – Fr. Lou Perreault, C.S.Sp. –
email: fusinfulou@aol.com

9/26                 Resurrection Church, Christ Alive

October 2015:

10/1-4              Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Retreat

10/4-5              Private Retreat

10/9-11            Scrapbookers

10/16-18         St. Thomas More – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

10/23-25         St. Thomas More – Women’s Emmaus Retreat

10/30-31         Duquesne University – Pursuing Purpose Retreat

November 2015:

11/6-7              St. Benedict the Abbot – Men’s Group

11/7-8              ISP

11/13-15          Private Retreat

11/17                Pittsburgh Religious Vocation Council Meeting – Men & Women Religious welcome. Contact Brother Michael Suazo, C.S.Sp. for information –
412-831-0302, x416 or email suazocssp@aol.com

11/20-22         Private Retreat

11/22               St. Thomas More – Women’s Emmaus Reunion

December 2015:

12/4-6            Women’s Spirituality

12/12               ISP Day Retreat

12/18-19          Missionary Temple


2016 Dates:

January 2016:  

1/21-24           Private Retreat

1/29-30          John McMillan Presbyterian Church

February 2016:

2/5-7              Abundant Life Ministry

2/13                St. Bernard – RCIA

2/14                St. Valentine – Christ Life

2/19-20          St. David’s Episcopal Church

March 2016:

3/4-6              Scrapbookers

3/11-12           Circle of Sisters

3/20               St. Louise de Marillac Church – RCIA

April 2016:

4/1-3              Abundant Life Ministry

4/8-10            Christ Episcopal Women’s Retreat

4/15-17           St. Thomas More – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

4/22-24          St. Thomas More – Women’s Emmaus Retreat

May 2016:

5/11-13           Duquesne University – Teachers’ Excellence

5/15                St. Valentine – Christ Life

5/20-22         St. Benedict the Abbot – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

5/26-29          Private Retreat

June 2016:

6/4-5             Judah Ministries

6/24-26         Men’s Vineyard

September 2016:

9/15-18          Private Retreat

9/23-25         Women’s Spirituality Retreat

October 2016:

10/7-9            Scrapbookers

10/14-16         St. Thomas More – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

10/21-23        St. Thomas More – Women’s Emmaus Retreat

10/28-29       St. Benedict the Abbot Men’s Retreat

November 2016:

11/4-6            Private Retreat

11/11-13          Women’s Spiritual Retreat

11/18-19          Duquesne University – Pursuing Purpose


2017 Dates:

February 2017:

2/3-5               Abundant Life Ministry

March 2017:

3/31-4/2         St. Thomas More Men’s Emmaus Retreat

April 2017:

3/31-4/2         St. Thomas More – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

4/21-23           Abundant Life Ministry

September 2017:

9/15                 St. Patrick – Confirmation

October 2017:

10/20-22         St. Thomas More – Men’s Emmaus Retreat

November 2017:

11/3-4               St. Benedict the Abbot